Tenant Representation

ZCA has a long track record of success in tenant representation. Our philosophy is that the real estate supports the business; not the other way around. We realize that you do not make money leasing or buying real estate; but rather, real estate is a tool which you use to grow your business. Our focus is to minimize the impact of the real estate transaction on your business.

ZCA's goals for an engagement will be the goals that you as our Client set for us as your Service Provider. Too many times moving can be expensive and disruptive. If we can help you reduce your occupancy costs and improve your efficiencies without moving; this will be our primary goal. It is up to you. If you decide to move, we will support you in the process of providing the necessary real estate that you need to grow your business. There are always risks associated with moving a business. We will assist you in minimizing the risks associated with a move. Again, it is up to you and we are there to help.